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Modelling of sustainable energy systems

Our work contributes to a future green, sustainable and modern energy system. We develop and apply models for handling uncertainty, analysing profitability, emissions, socio-economic and environmental effects. The models and analyses are used by both public institutions and industries to plan and form knowledge based policies and support decisions.

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What we can offer and answer:

  • How will Norwegian and European energy systems be in the future (transmission, generation, storage, emissions)
  • How can today's energy export infrastructures be reused and further developed to export emission-free energy?
  • What is the value for Europe of the flexibility in the Norwegian energy production? How is this flexibility affected by larger variations in production and smarter energy users?
  • What are the risks and possibilities in the transition to a sustainable transport system?
  • How does consumer behaviour affect and how is it affected by implementation of energy efficiency actions and smarter energy use?
  • What are the socio-economic and environmental impacts of energy policy?
  • Our models include different energy source and carriers, such as hydrogen, natural gas, electricity, sun and wind power. 

We are an active partner in FME NTRANS (, working on economic analyses and optimisation. 

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