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Li-ion batteries

Li-ion batteries

Safe and reliable batteries with a high energy density are of outermost importance for the electrification of our society, in particular in the transport sector where lithium-ion batteries are dominating. SINTEF works on the development of high energy cathodes with long lifetime with a focus on high safety.

We also work on anodes made from silicon, or a mixture of silicon and carbon, and examine the effect of various binder materials in the electrodes. We focus on understanding the interfaces and interphases of high energy materials to stabilize these and thereby optimize the future batteries.  

Other areas of expertise include aqueous processing of different materials for reduced production costs and more environmentally friendly batteries, compared to those prepared with hazardous solvents. SINTEF also work on solid state polymeric and inorganic electrolytes to tackle issues with flammable electrolytes and hence enable a safe battery technology. 

SINTEF's laboratories are equipped with modern instruments for electrode manufacturing, battery cell assembly and characterisation facilities with a constantly growing number of testing channels.  

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