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Li-ion batteries

For the efficient electrification of the transport sector, safe and reliable batteries with a high energy density are of utmost importance. Lithium based batteries are the system of choice and SINTEF works along the entire value chain for next generation lithium batteries.

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SINTEF's laboratories are equipped with modern instruments for electrode manufacturing, battery cell assembly and characterisation facilities with a constantly growing number of testing channels. 

Our typical projects include: 

  • Evaluating new materials from manufacturers for use in batteries 
  • Working with industry partners to further develop materials and production processes 
  • Testing battery cells and modules, and assessing characteristics, degradation and life cycles 

Who do we do this for? 

  • Material suppliers 
  • Battery cell manufacturers 
  • Manufacturers of battery modules and packs 

SINTEF is active in the areas of: 

Materials validation 

  • Electrode design by optimising the active content, binders, additives, porosity and tortuosity,  and materials loading  
  • Capacity, cycle life analyses and rate performance 

Design and improvement of active materials and electrode structures 

  • High energy cathodes  
  • Alloy and conversion anode chemistries 

Development of advanced electrolytes  

  • High voltage tolerating liquid electrolytes  
  • Advanced polymeric and inorganic solid state electrolyte 

Focus on inactive cell components 

  • Functionalised binders for self-mitigation and healing  
  • Functionalised separators to scavenge reactive intermediates and products 

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