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Business economics

We use and develop quantitative methods and models to do economic analysis within a range of different sectors. The analyses is performed on different time horizons, from long-term investment analysis to short-term profitability analysis. We focus on handling of uncertainty and risk in the economic analyses.

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We have developed a range of different methods and models to provide economic analysis for businesses, value-chains and networks. In the model development we emphasize the importance of incorporating technology, boundary conditions and economics in order to get consistency in the results. By integrating these aspects in the same model, we are also able to identify the most important drivers, bottlenecks and cost elements, as well as finding new profitability potential by altering decisions and investments. We do analysis on strategic, tactical and operational level, including investment analysis, optimal design, portfolio optimization, contracts and profitability analysis. We incorporate uncertainty and risk in our models, enabling us to evaluate risk exposure and identify efficient ways of handling this risk.