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Battery materials development

SINTEF boasts a long history in the development of functional materials and metallurgy, with state of the art synthesis, processing and characterization laboratories that allow for the development of new materials from gram- to pilot-scale, with fine control over composition, phase, and morphology from nano to mm scale.

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In the field of battery technology, new materials with better safety characteristics, higher energy and power density are urgently sought after and SINTEF is engaged in the development of advanced battery materials. Our multidisciplinary team that includes experts in inorganic, organic, and materials chemistry enables us to be active across a range of battery technologies, working with industry leaders in Li-ion, lithium-sulfur and metal-air technologies to develop new materials, coatings and processing routes to improve performance, lifetime and reduce environmental impact. In addition to active electrode materials, the synthesis of solid-state electrolytes based on inorganic and solid polymers is a field of expertise.  

We can offer: 

  • Synthesis and development of new and current chemistries up to kg scale   
  • Low and high temperature processing under inert and reactive atmospheres 
  • Powder agglomeration and aggregation from gram to kg scale 
  • Materials development guided by in-situ and operando measurements 
  • Modern synthesis laboratories and furnace capabilities as well as instruments for aerosol and electrodeposition techniques such as spray drying, flame spray pyrolysis and electrospinning 
  • Expertise in solid-state, wet chemical, and aerosol-based synthesis methods of inorganic materials as well as the production of tailormade polymers