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Reservoir characterization and monitoring

Successful characterization and monitoring of the subsurface depends on advanced data acquisition and processing, and geophysical methods. The ultimate goal of these techniques is to image the properties of the reservoir and provide essential information for oil and gas applications ranging from exploration and enhanced oil recovery to CO2 storage. Being able to estimate the associated uncertainties is crucial for the correct interpretation of the resultant images and reliable economic and environmental assessments.

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Focus areas:

  • Accurate high-resolution imaging and monitoring
  • Estimation of, for example, uncertainties in imaging
  • Integration (joint inversion) of multiple datasets
  • Multidisciplinary integration: geophysics, rock physics, reservoir modelling, basin modelling
  • Quantification of the amounts of hydrocarbon or CO2 in a reservoir
  • Seismic and electromagnetic data for CO2 monitoring
  • Seismic while drilling