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Process modelling

Process modelling at SINTEF is based on advanced mathematical modeling and simulation tools combined with our well-equipped laboratories and experimental facilities. Our research stretches from understanding and modeling of multiphase systems, material mechanics, manufacturing processes, to process design and optimization and industrial implementation.

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Of particular interest is the understanding and quantification in the form of modeling tools of the link between process, microstructure and properties, resource efficiency and environmental sustainability. Many of these processes and phenomena are characterized by high temperatures and reactive behavior, of which the involved research teams possess relevant competence.

Our work encompasses a multi-scale modeling approach, from atomistic to industrial, as well as through-process modeling with use of commercial software, development and commercialization of in-house codes (Finite element method, Finite volume method, Smoothed particle hydrodynamics, etc.).

SINTEF Industry's areas of expertise include:

  • Computational fluid mechanics (CFD)
  • Multi-scale modelling (atomistic to continuum)
  • Software development
  • Modelling of metallurgical processes (ferro-alloys, manganese, copper, aluminium, silicon)
  • Modelling of silicon crystallization processes (Czhocralski, directional crystallization)
  • Modelling of metal casting processes (shaped casting, Direct chill casting, continuous casting)
  • Modelling of forming operations
  • Reactive gas flow and gas dynamics
  • Thermodynamic modelling and physical metallurgy
  • Microstructure modelling