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Primary metals production

We perform experimental and theoretical research and development along the value chain from mineral processing and materials characterisation to high temperature production, smelting and refining. We emphasize strong coupling between experimental activities and mathematical modelling and simulations.

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Metal production is the most important land-based industry in Norway with international recognized competence. In close cooperation with the industry, SINTEF contributes to continuous innovations and further improvements target to meet future demands for effectiveness and climate restrictions.

The main focus is sustainable development of new and established processes for the production of metals from their raw materials through metallurgical and electrolysis processes. Our core competence is on production of aluminium, ferro-alloys and silicon. Although other metals and materials are also covered.

  • Process metallurgy
  • Electrolyses
  • High temperature process development
  • Use of natural gas as raw material in materials production
  • Thermodynamics and kinetics
  • Flow and process modelling
  • Refractories and ceramics
  • Carbon technology
  • Process gas analysis