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High temperature materials

Our expertise within high temperature materials cover in special refractories, linings and carbon based materials for the primary aluminium cells, cast furnaces, anode baking furnaces, waste incinerators, silicon – and ferro-alloy reduction process.

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High temperature materials are commonly defined based on their maximum application temperature with respect to the materials melting temperature, which strongly depends on the applied stress-level and the resistance to corrosive environments.

Refractories are important in all metallurgical and high temperature processes to achieve long lifetime and stable process conditions. The selection of the right combination of materials will be essential for a process to succeed both with respect to chemical attacks and the overall heat balance. SINTEF has a long time experience in this field; well-equipped laboratory facilities for testing and developing refractory materials.

The increasing demand of tailor-made materials requires an enhanced scientific understanding in terms of material properties, production processes from the raw material to the end product and its performance under real conditions, followed by the analysis of spent materials.

SINTEF Industry's areas of expertise within high temperature materials offer research and development in the following fields:

  • Carbon Technology (Anodes, cathodes, ramming paste, coke and pitch)
  • Refractories and Ceramics (Oxides, nitrides, carbides; thermal insulation materials; development and testing)
  • Failure Analysis (Identification of failure and deterioration mechanism(s) in industrial refractory linings)