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Production of Ferroalloys (i.e. Ferrosilicon/Silicon- and Ferromanganese) is a strong and significant land-based industry in Norway. The results from the cooperation between the industry and academia (SINTEF/NTNU) in Norway are basic knowledge regarding thermodynamics- and kinetic-data as well as reaction mechanisms within core processes and environmental issues.

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Ferroalloys is a necessity for steelmaking. In addition, silicon is used in solar cells, as an alloying element in aluminium and as a raw material for silicones. The Ferroalloy Producers Research Association (FFF) established in 1989 (, has contributed to long-term research and education, and as such contributed to a sustainable development for the industry.

SINTEF offers expertise along the value chain from raw materials to products;

  • Raw materials
  • Production of Ferroalloys/Silicon- Ferromanganese
  • Refining of liquid metal
  • Environmental issues, emissions
  • Characterization of raw material and alloys
  • Modelling of processes