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Emissions and Environment

One of the main industrial challenges is control and reduction of emissions to the environment. SINTEF is a key partner for the industry regarding technological solutions within this area.

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We offer tests and R&D services related to formation and monitoring of emissions from process industries. Competence within sampling and analysis methods for process industries e.g.: aluminium, ferro-alloys, hydrocarbon processing and energy processes have been developed in close cooperation with NTNU.

Our competence includes:

  • Atomic scale modeling of emission formation
  • CFD-modeling of processes for improved understanding of the relation between process design and emission formation
  • Design of energy efficient collection and abatement systems for fume
  • Emission reduction through improved process understanding
  • Separation and purification
  • Manual sampling of particulate and gaseous compounds
  • Online analysis by means of FT-IR for gaseous comps at ambient elevated temperatures
  • Online analysis off particle size distribution (ELPI) in the work environment
  • Development of measurement systems

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