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We have extensive experience within tribological contact mechanisms. Our expertise builds on classical tribology, including friction and wear mechanisms.

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We apply and build our expertise to tribological systems being dry or lubricated, and at various temperatures. We own state of the art laboratories with Pin-on-disk equipment, multi-station friction and wear test machine, rubber wheel, erosion-corrosion equipment, tribo-corrosion, micro hardness and nano indentation. Combined with advanced techniques for metallographic characterization and surface characterization, this enables us to perform most types of tribology investigations. Further, we own a wind turbine blade evaluation rigg used to test any component rotating in a artificial weather conditions. Our aim is to avoid damage to surfaces under mechanical and chemical load, and at combined effects as tribo-corrosion. We offer deep knowledge to be used in material selection for use in several environments. By applying our expertise, we help the industry to find solutions related to wear, lubrication, friction, and maintenance.

We apply numerical modelling to predict certain phenomena and investigate underlying phenomena.

Our core competence is applied to investigate

  • Evaluation of friction: dray, lubricated, under chemical load, etc.
  • Wear monitoring and prediction
  • Functional friction and wear coatings 
  • Environmentally friendly lubricants
  • Functional surfaces
  • Coatings and surface technology changing the behavior of tribology phenomena 
  • Performance of lubricants acting in tribological systems