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Fatigue and fracture

SINTEF has considerable experience and capabilities in a broad range of topics related to fatigue and fracture in metallic materials.

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Our customers
Fatigue and fracture is a relevant issue for many industries. We mainly serve the offshore oil and gas industry, but also the wind power, hydro power, shipping and automotive industries

We provide the following services

  • Material testing
  • Qualification tests of larger components
  • Research on welding procedures
  • Research on the effect of environment (temperature, corrosive environments, hydrogen embrittlement)
  • Failure investigations
  • Contribute to the development of structural design codes
  • Full scale fatigue tests of risers, umbilicals and power cables 
  • Fatigue load analysis of offshore structures 
  • Software for fatigue and fracture design 

SINTEF has laboratories with the capability to test both material samples and larger structural components (with forces around 100 tons). Tests can represent the effect of high and low temperatures and aggressive chemical environments interacting with the mechanical loading.

SINTEF has extensive capabilities in the characterisation of materials allowing to identify atomic components, understand the grain structure, study crack surfaces, and so forth.

SINTEF has a considerable expertise in numerical analysis using a variety of software, either developed in house or by others. Simulation at the atomic scale, up to the component scale provide insight in various aspects of material behaviour.

Typical commissions

  • Testing the mechanical properties of different weld qualities
  • ECA (engineering criticality assessment) of flaws in welds
  • Numerical analysis of stresses around a crack
  • Lead joint industry projects for the qualification of methods and materials (operation in extremely cold weather, hyperbaric welding, drilling hard rock at large depths...)


Relevant projects

RoHard – Robust advanced steel quenching processes

RoHard – Robust advanced steel quenching processes


The goal of this project is to increase the understanding of the interaction between the quality of incoming materials, the hardening process and the resulting products. Thus, it is aimed to understand better how variations of incoming materials...

ROP, Knowledge basis for repair contingency of pipelines

ROP, Knowledge basis for repair contingency of pipelines


The overall objective of the present project is to establish basic knowledge on subsea hyperbaric repair welding and degradation of clad and lined pipes, as well as C-Mn steel, as studied by laboratory  experiments in combination with numerical...