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Our core competences are related corrosion mechanisms, environmentally assisted corrosion cracking, corrosion protection and corrosion monitoring and prediction.

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The core competencies are applied to investigate phenomena at different metallic materials used in mild environments, for materials used in harsh environments as high temperature and high pressure. Our aim is to avoid corrosion under mechanical and chemical load, and at combined effects as tribo-corrosion. We also apply our knowledge to cathodic protection, towards hydrogen as a product of corrosion, electroplating and anodizing of surfaces. We utilize our knowledge in material selection for use in several (also harsh!) environments.

We own state of the art electro-chemical laboratories where we apply and build on core competences, with autoclaves, wearther cambers, salt -spray equipment. We run also a seawater laboratory for long-term testing of materials and components in natural seawater. Further, we own a wind turbine blade evaluation rigg used to test any component rotating in a artificial weather conditions. Combined with advanced techniques for metallographic characterization and surface characterization, this enables us to perform most types of corrosion investigations.

We apply numerical modelling to predict certain phenomena and investigate underlying phenomena in larger, complex environments, as effects of land based electricity in harbors, corrosion in ship tanks, etc.

Our core competence is applied to investigate

  • Steel, stainless steel, and other high performance metallic materials 
  • Aluminum and magnesium corrosion
  • Corrosion when bolting, welding, glueing, or riveting metallic materials.
  • Performance of organic, metallic and metallic/ceramic coatings
  • Cathodic protection
  • Corrosion testing during mechanical loading, also combined with erosive environments
  • Corrosion testing in general
Corrosion and tribology laboratories at SINTEF
Corrosion and tribology laboratories at SINTEF