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Corrosion and Tribology

Development of oil and gas fields in deeper and demanding environments introduces new and tougher requirements on the offshore and subsea industry.

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We have extensive experience in corrosion protection, environmentally assisted corrosion cracking, and tribology. Our core competencies are in materials for harsh environments, corrosion under mechanical load, wear and erosion corrosion, and protective and wear resistant coatings. We also have a seawater laboratory for long-term testing in natural seawater. Combined with advanced techniques for metallographic characterization and surface characterization, this enables us to perform most types of corrosion testing. Our expertise are within:

  • Stainless steel and high alloy materials
  • Aluminium and magnesium
  • Organic coatings
  • Metallic and metallic/ceramic coatings
  • Cathodic protection
  • Corrosion testing during mechanical loading and in erosive environments
  • Corrosion testing in general
  • Combines wear and corrosion in offshore components
  • Thermal spraying of wear resistant coatings