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Industrial scale flow loop services

The facilities can be adapted to test and validate a variety of flow components, instrumentation and equipment.

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Normal instrumentation is a wide range of flow meters, pressuretransducers for pressure gradient measurements, temperature probes and gamma densitometers for holdup measurements. In addition, special instrumentation is installed as needed and special sections exist for optical measurements and visual observation.

Real crudes can be studied also in the SINTEF's Small Scale Real Crude laboratory also allows work on high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) fluids again reflecting one of the important trends in current production developments.

We work with the following topics:

  • Multiphase flow meters
    Testing of multiphase flow meters for verification and development, both in Large Scale and Medium Scale Loops.
  • Separation studies
    Testing of separator technology at both full scale and laboratory scale.
  • Pump testing
    Our facility can accommodate a wide range of pumps for performance testing, particularly testing under multiphase conditions.
  • Other equipment and instruments
    Our flexibility enables us to test a broad range of equipment and instruments requiring multiphase flow, including particle flow, and also testing requiring ATEX condtions.

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