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Wood stove technology

Since the beginning of the eighties SINTEF has accumulated an extensive and versatile competence within development of small-scale heating technologies for the residential sector through solid biomass combustion, e.g. within pellets- and wood stove technologies.

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More than 35 year experience with research and development is each year utilised in projects, in close collaboration with Norwegian and Scandinavian industry and NTNU, part financed through the Research Council of Norway, aiming at innovative solutions and systems for residential heating.

We work within these areas:

  • Development of prototype technology in close collaboration with industry
  • Reaction kinetics related to solid biomass combustion
  • Wood stove and pellet stove technologies
  • Characterization through measurements of emissions of gaseous and particulate matter
  • Computer simulations of reactive flows and solid fuel conversion for development and optimiza-tion of small-scale combustion technologies for solid fuels
  • Development of new national and European measurement and test standards in the area of small-scale residential heating
  • National/European emission limits for emissions from wood stoves
  • Building integration and standardization work for buildings
  • Indoor air quality
  • New and more effective types of heat storage materials for small-scale residential heating appli-ances
  • Heat storing stoves


An extensive experience within the field in combination with experimental capability and use of advanced measurement techniques and simulation tools give in sum large advantages when it comes to development of new and improved concepts.

  • Experiments in specialised laboratory setups
  • Licensed ANSYS Fluent simulation tool
  • Prototype development in own laboratories and at industry partners' locations
  • Participation in standardisation activities together with other specialists, industry and authorities
  • Dissemination of research results through media and scientific channels
  • Dissemination of research results via publications and participation at conferences
  • Development of solutions through cooperation with other national and international research institutes and universities

Typical assignments for us are:

  • Competence building and innovation projects for the industry
  • Development of new concepts and prototypes
  • Measurements for authorities, industry and other sectors
  • Participation in standardisation activities

We work for and with Norwegian and international industry:

  • Norwegian and international wood stove producers
  • Interest organisations
  • National and international authorities/organs/EU
  • Technology providers

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