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We are working to determine and predict the transport-related and thermodynamic properties of fluids.

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This knowledge is essential in order to optimize design and operation of processing equipment used in the energy sector.

We work in these areas:

  • Main fluids: CO2, natural gas, refrigeration agents, and hydrogen
  • Robust and accurate modeling of equilibrium and non-equilbrium thermos-physical properties
  • Phase behavior, density, viscosity, and other properties
  • Advanced and accurate laboratory measurements to support model development


We are currently developing robust models which accurately determine the properties of gases and fluids, as well as mixtures of fluids and solids or hydrates, at equilibrium or non-equilibrium conditions. It is important to be familiar with these properties across a wide range of temperature and pressure conditions. It is often the case that we must have the fluids in question in a liquid or dense phase in order to reduce transport and storage costs – something which is only possible at high pressures and/or low temperatures. For instance, unwanted incidents can cause rapid changes in both pressure and temperature. If water is also present in the mixture, there is a risk of hydrate formation. Hence, it is of high interest to determine at what conditions hydrates are formed, and to predict how much water is dissolved in the gas or fluid in question.

In our thermodynamics research we employ our own programming codes which enable us to adapt to new problems. We are reliant on access to high quality empirical data in order to construct robust models. Such data are lacking for many of the relevant gases and conditions, especially regarding unprocessed natural gas and gas mixtures typically encountered in connection with carbon capture and storage processes. Hence, the measurement of the properties and behavior of gases is a core activity of ours.

Typical projects for us are:

  • Accurate measurements of phase equilibria, viscosity and density
  • Develop robust and efficient models for transport and thermodynamic properties of gas mixtures

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