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Thermal system modelling

Thermal systems are comprised of components for heat and/or cold production, distribution, consumption and storage.

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A thermal system can be a local heating or cooling network for a construction area, or an industrial heat or cooling grid for distribution of thermal energy in a factory or between different industrial actors in an industrial cluster. As the costs of investments connected to thermal systems are high, it is beneficial to utilize different modelling tools for optimal system design and operational strategies.

SINTEF has a long history with the use of dynamic modelling and simulation of thermal systems. Further, SINTEF has developed a framework for dynamic optimization of thermal systems with thermal storage. 

We work within these areas: 

  • Modelling of thermal systems for optimal design of the system as a whole.
  • Exploitation of local waste heat  
  • Selection of technology and sizing of individual components, such as thermal energy storage and heat pumps
  • Optimal control of systems with thermal energy storage

Typical projects are:
Design energy efficient and competitive system solutions with a holistic approach

  • Develop new concepts to solve specific issues
  • Analysis, evaluation and comparisons of technological options and concepts
  • Experimental testing and development of new technologies for single components

The methods we use: 
We have advanced in-house models for i. a. 

  • Optimal control of complex thermal systems 
  • Dynamic system simulation
  • Detailed component models. 

Why choose SINTEF?
SINTEF is a bank of knowledge and experience within multiple fields, with access to dedicated laboratory infrastructure and advanced modelling tools.

Who are we doing this for?

  • Energy companies
  • Industry
  • Technology venders

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