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Thermal energy storage

In the energy systems of the future, a significant share of the total energy production will be based on renewable energy sources with variable and unpredictable production.

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At the same time, roughly half of the world's energy need is in the form of thermal energy – heating, cooling or steam. Thermal energy storage therefore has a key role in securing a stable and cost-effective energy supply in the future. Further, thermal energy storage is vital to cut power peaks in heating and cooling needs, subsequently becoming an important asset to cut cost of production and installation. 

SINTEF has experimental and numerical competence within different categories of thermal storage, including sensible and latent thermal storage, adapted to different temperature needs.

For the low-temperature regime, SINTEF develops low-temperature thermal storage based on the use of phase change materials (PCM) directed at cooling processes in the food industry.

Further, SINTEF does modelling, system integration and optimal control of accumulator tanks as well as seasonal storage for space heating in energy wells in the medium-temperature range.

In the high-temperature regime, SINTEF has expertise within different technologies for steam storage. 

We work within these areas

  • SINTEF has knowledge on technologies for thermal storage tailored to different applications and temperature levels 
  • Modelling of thermal systems with integrated thermal energy storage for optimal design of the system as a whole 
  • Optimal control of systems with energy storage
  • Heat exchanger design. 

Typical projects for us are: 

  • Analyse, evaluate and compare technology options and concepts
  • Development of new concepts to solve concrete issues
  • Experimental testing and development of new technologies
  • Testing of materials (including phase change materials) for col
  • Develop energy efficient and competitive system solutions using a holistic approach

The methods we use:
SINTEF develops knowledge and new technology through a well-balanced mix of theoretical understanding, numerical modelling and experimental investigations. We have advanced in-house models for i.a.

  • Non-stationary processes and dynamic system simulation 
  • Single processes and components constructed using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) tools
  • Optimal control of thermal systems with thermal energy storage

Why choose SINTEF?
SINTEF is a bank of knowledge and experience within multiple fields, with access to dedicated laboratory infrastructure and advanced modelling tools.

Who are we doing this for?

  • Energy companies
  • Industry
  • Technology venders

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