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Reduced Flood Challenges with Hydropower

Every year society faces significant challenges due to flood events and with the ongoing climate change, these challenges are expected to intensify.

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The ability of hydropower to manage and mitigate floods will be of paramount importance in the climate of the future.

Floods annually present challenges for society, and it is likely that future climate conditions will intensify these issues. Therefore, the capacity of hydropower to mitigate floods will be crucial in the times to come. But how much can society save in terms of costs and damages through hydropower regulation? Our knowledge spans the whole water shed ranging from climate and hydrology upstream to flow conditions and environmentally friendly power generation downstream. All these components are interconnected. Additionally, in collaboration with other entities, we can estimate costs and reductions in the current climate scenario and the conditions anticipated in the future.

Our expertise includes:

  • Flood assessments in current and future climates
  • Detailed calculations of discharge and water levels during flood events in vulnerable areas
  • Routing and hydraulic simulations with mitigation effects in watercourses
  • Hydropower production and its interaction with flood risk in different parts of watercourses
  • Cost savings through flood mitigation in regulated watercourses
  • Nature-based flood mitigation and environmental impacts


Our approach provides insight into how society and power companies can address the increasing flood challenges through mitigation and adaptation. Understanding the interplay between watercourses and human activities offers valuable insights for the development of innovative solutions that protect society and our natural environments.