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Process and gas technology

In the field of process technology, we are working with theoretical analysis, modelling and simulation, combined with experimental approaches to the analysis, design and optimisation of industrial gas processes and efficient energy conversion systems.

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We are focusing on both open and cyclic processes – right down to single component level.

At SINTEF data-based modelling and simulation go hand in hand with laboratory experiments investigating the same processes. The interaction between theory and practice (modelling studies and experimental work) allows us to tackle a problem from many directions and thus promote flexibility in our research work. We are involved in a long list of projects addressing the aforementioned topics.

We are working on both domestic and international projects, with durations from just a few months to several years. Collaboration with research institutions and industrial companies from both Norway and elsewhere in Europe is also an important part of our day-to-day work. This means that for the most part the distance from research to practical application in industry or society as a whole is short because the end-user is often involved in the process from the start.

Our key research areas in the field of process technology are carbon capture, refrigeration and heat engineering, the liquefaction of gases, thermal power generation processes and bioenergy. This includes the following:

  • CO2 capture processes (post- and pre-combustion, oxy-combustion and capture from industrial sources)
  • Natural gas processing in general, with an emphasis on low temperature processes
  • Small- and large-scale liquefaction processes (LNG and liquid hydrogen)
  • Cryogenic air separation
  • Energy efficiency in the oil and process industry

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