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Interaction DSO/TSO/customer

Today's limited operational interaction between DSOs and TSOs needs to be strengthened, due to, e.g., more variable distributed generation (DG) and regulatory requirements.

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In grids where the volume of DG is increasing, more active monitoring and control are required. The DSO's role is changing and its future role has to be clarified. The DSO/TSO interface requires, e.g., efficient information exchange and coordinated congestion management.

The Energy Union highlights the importance of creating good incentives for utilizing flexible resources. Norway has great potential for flexibility since electricity is used for space and water heating. Electrical Vehicles (EVs) are also an important flexibility source as Norway has the world's largest number of EVs per capita and the flexibility in the power intensive industry is also substantial. This potential has not been fully realized but, new technologies (e.g., smart meters) offer new possibilities. Flexibility included in system services have been demonstrated in the EU-project EcoGrid.

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