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Improving energy efficiency in commercial buildings

Improving energy efficiency in commercial buildings

SINTEF Energy Research is a leader in the field of improving energy efficiency in shops and other energy-intensive buildings by means of its participation in projects such as 'CREATIV', 'INTERACT' and 'SuperSmart-Rack', among others.

Furthermore, SINTEF Energy Research is preparing new and integrated energy systems for commercial building complexes with the aim of reducing both energy consumption and operational and investment costs.

We work within these areas:

  • Heating
  • Refrigeration
  • Ventilation
  • Integrated systems, such as the integration of refrigeration and freezer plants for use in heating and ventilation
  • The use of renewable energy in new and existing buildings
  • Thermal storage


  • Modelling and simulation of systems and components (Modelica)
  • Evaluation of alternative energy system solutions (LCC, LCA, LCCP)
  • Inspections of existing plants

Typical projects:

  • Identification of energy efficient system solutions for the client
  • Optimisation of existing processes
  • Third party assessments of system solutions

Why choose SINTEF?

We have established long-term working relationships with some of Norway's largest supermarket chains with the aim of developing integrated systems designed to reduce energy consumption in supermarkets, and to exploit the surplus heat generated by these buildings.

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