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Fish migration

Fish ladders are constructed to enable fish to swim up past migration barriers.

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Such barriers may be natural or artificial and the aim is to provide the fish with access to areas which are important for their population development.

It is important to understand the ecological challenges faced by the fish species in question as well as the technical arrangements which are relevant at an individual location. In regulated waterway systems it is also crucial to have knowledge of power station operation and of the challenges fish encounter when migrating downstream again past power station intakes and dams.

We are currently working in the following fields:

  • SINTEF has expert knowledge of fish ladders and is fully up-to-date with relevant international literature. Fish ladders are an element of our ongoing research projects on behalf of the Research Council of Norway
  • We are working continuously with fish ladders, often in collaboration with national and international partners.
  • SINTEF Energy Research is one of Norway's leading research institutes in the field of hydropower, and is familiar with the challenges facing migrating fish in regulated waterway systems.
  • Our work on fish ladders includes all aspects of freshwater ecology, hydrology and physical loads on structures.
  • SINTEF has considerable experience of field studies and the use of advanced measurement technology in waterway systems.

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We typically carry out the following types of project:

  • In collaboration with clients we seek the best solutions for facilitating upstream fish migration
  • Based on field studies and literature searches we evaluate and select the best technical systems for efficient fish ladders
  • We carry out financial calculations and technical estimates and document these in the form of technical reports.

Why choose SINTEF?

SINTEF is the Norwegian centre of expertise in the technical design of fish ladders. Where necessary we seek collaboration with other partners, in the fields such as biology and construction.

Target groups:

Construction of fish ladders takes place under the auspices of public authorities and private interests.
The Norwegian Environment Agency, municipal enterprises and angling associations are our most common clients.

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