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Decision support in energy and environmental management

The management of water and energy resources is practised by public authorities at municipal, regional and national levels.

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In special cases, clarification may be required in addition to what is usually needed in more normal management processes. There may be a need for the assistance of experts with special qualifications with regard to a certain method or issue, or with experience from the water system in question.

In the course of several decades of research SINTEF Energy Research has acquired detailed knowledge of the physical and biological processes in a number of regulated water systems and has been in the forefront of the development and use of methods, including mathematical models, for providing efficient, precise and integrated analyses. We have a unique insight into the interplay between power generation and environmental impact in regulated water systems and experience in the preparation of packages of initiatives for reducing environmental impact. We also work in close co-operation with equivalent research groups at NTNU and therefore have access to the best measurement equipment and laboratory facilities.

Through its assignments for energy and environmental management bodies, SINTEF Energy Research has acquired insight into and understanding of these bodies' knowledge requirements and is experienced in delivering studies suitable for the management context in which the analyses are to be used.

Read more about our work within the area of Environmental design of hydropower – renewable energy respecting nature.

We are currently working in the following fields:

  • The environmental impact of hydroelectric regulation
  • Hydrological analyses in regulated and unregulated water systems, including climate-related studies
  • Special analyses as part of international hydropower projects (emissions of greenhouse gases and water consumption)

We provide research resources and studies in a range of fields in regulated water systems

  • The environmental impact of hydroelectric regulation
  • The environmental impact of peak power generation, which is a special type of operation
  • Analysis of migration patterns and barriers
  • Assessment of the consequences for hydropower generation of establishing environment-improving measures
  • Development of cost-effective packages of initiatives
  • Modelling of physical and biological processes in rivers and lakes
  • Hydrological inflow estimates, including climate studies
  • Measurement and modelling of emissions of greenhouse gases (a global problem issue)
  • Water consumption in energy production (a global problem issue)

Why choose SINTEF?
SINTEF Energy Research has considerable experience and has acquired a national and international reputation in its fields of operation. For many years we have led and collaborated in projects with participants from other leading national and international research establishments. Through our close ties with NTNU we have access to the best measurement equipment and laboratory facilities, as well as NTNU's research personnel and enthusiastic students.

Who are our clients?

SINTEF Energy Research carries out research and studies for administrative bodies at municipal, regional and national levels. We also participate in several international bodies and work groups. Our clients are, among others:

  • The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate
  • The Norwegian Environment Agency
  • Hydropower producers
  • Energy Norway
  • The International Hydropower Association (IHA)

Our expertise is associated with – prosjekt, lab, software etc:

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