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CO2 injection

CO2 capture and storage is one of the most important contributions to reducing the world’s CO2 emissions.

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CO2 can be stored in geological formations far below ground or the sea floor. We investigate how CO2 can be pumped through wells and into these formations in a secure, reliable and efficient way.

What's our expertise?

  • Simulation of dynamic flow of gas and liquid in CO2 wells
  • Coupling of thermo and fluid dynamics using robust, accurate and efficient methods
  • Develop models specifically for CO2 wells (in cooperation with SINTEF Petroleum Research)
  • Heat transport between the CO2 fluid, the pipe and the rock formation
  • Simulation of injection from both pipelines and ships

The methods we use:
We have developed a modelling framework for multi-phase flow of CO2 and CO2-rich mixtures in pipelines and wells. Several different flow models and equations of state have been implemented. We combine calculation of flow and heat conduction in the well to calculate pressure and temperature. Correct prediction of temperature is important to avoid temperature variations that could damage the well.

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