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Utilization of wastewater heat and CO2 for use in aquaculture

Utilization of wastewater heat from Norwegian industry is a large and significant resource that is currently utilized to a very small extent. By using temperate industrial water to produce seafood, this can contribute to commercial production of new farmed species that require higher temperatures than those normally found in Norwegian waters.

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Industrial wastewater heat is energy produced in large industrial processes and in most cases lost to the environment. The amount of wastewater heat from Norwegian industry is very large and constitutes a significant resource that can be used for land-based production of seafood. This applies in particular to farmed species that require temperatures higher than those normally found along the Norwegian coast and at the same time have a high market value. SINTEF Ocean has carried out several studies, both for public and private companies, where we have looked at the potential that lies in utilizing energy from cooling water for production of farmed species that require relatively hot water. 

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