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Seakeeping and manouvering

One of SINTEF Ocean's core expertise areas is seakeeping and manoeuvring of ships. Our services are related to both research and development – both through model tests, numerical simulations and full-scale measurements.

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Typical projects span from operability and safety of ships, cargo, crew and passengers through optimising hull and propulsion for energy efficiency, motions and accelerations on board. 

SINTEF Ocean's hydrodynamic laboratories (towing tank, ocean basin and cavitation tunnel) are important tools for development and verification of new ship- and propulsion solutions, as well as validation of numerical tools. 

Our clients are typically Ship and Propulsion Design Offices, Ship Owners, Yards, Startups, Class Societies, Maritime Authorities and Navies.

  • Laboratories:
    • Towing tank
    • Ocean basin
    • Cavitation tunnel
  • Skills:
    • ShipX
    • VeSim
    • Full scale capabilities

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