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Oil spill research

Accidental oil discharges happen and need quick and adequate response in order to reduce the environmental consequences. SINTEF has developed solution-oriented competence within oil spill contingency which is nationally and international demanded.

A good understanding of the physical and chemical properties of oils, the fate and behaviour if spilled at sea and the effectiveness of different response options is crucial for a good oil spill contingency. The behaviour of oils spilled at sea depends highly on the prevailing conditions (e.g. temperature, sea-state, release conditions) and the physical and chemical composition of the oil.
We are one of the worlds largest independent research organisations within oil spill contingency and offers expertise in many areas, including:

  • Oil weathering studies (lab/basin/field experiments)
  • Oil slick characterisation
    • Oil spill identification - fingerprinting
    • Oil film thickness - Oil appearance code
  • Oil spill response technology
    • Chemical treatment (dispersants/demulsifiers)
    • Mechanical recovery
    • In-situ burning
    • Shoreline clean-up - bioremediation
  • Surface chemistry
  • Fluid chemistry
  • Oil spill contingency and response analyses - NEB
  • Oil spill contingency in Arctic areas
  • Sub-sea releases