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Marine operations in aquaculture

SINTEF offers solutions to analyse different types of marine operations in aquaculture. The solutions include model trials and numerical simulations.

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Exposed aquaculture operations will create new demands for vessels and equipment in order to secure safe operations, good operability and profitability. Interaction between vessels and aquaculture installations will be key during operations. Understanding forces between vessel and structurs are more important when the aquaculture industry become more exposed to wind, waves and currents as well as the vessel size increses. 

Service vessels are important and a much used resource in aquaculture operations. We work on developing a holistic design methodology for service vessels connecting vessel design, deck equipment and operational safety for exposed aquaculture. 

The aquaculture industry work on expoliting more exposed locations. It it necessary to do more advanced analysis on feed rafts. To be able to efficiently calculate movements and mooring forces from feed rafts, we have in SFI Exposed developed a tool to be able to do these analysis in an efficient way, with help from the SIMA software. 

Research areas: 

  • Vessel structure interaction
  • Well boats for farming at sea
  • Service vessels for exposed aquaculture operations
  • Feed rafts for weather-hardy localities

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