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Logistics and transport solutions for offshore wind

SINTEF has long experience in developing models for optimization for maritime logistics related to offshore wind farms. We have also developed decision support tools to aid stakeholders to select and develop the most promising logistical resources.

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Our tools are based on mathematical formulations of the decision problems and use complex and efficient analytical techniques from operations research to find optimal solutions according to the users' defined objective.

SINTEF Ocean has a proven track record in the following research areas:

  • Advanced analysis of the logistic system for the installation and operation phases of offshore wind farm developments
  • Vessel fleet size and mix optimization for installation and operation phases of offshore wind farm developments
  • Quantitative assessment of vessel designs and their performance in the overall logistic system
  • Optimized scheduling of O&M tasks and selection of resource requirements for O&M tasks execution
  • Optimized routing of vessels for maintenance tasks


LIVO – LEANWIND Installation Vessel Optimizer:

  • Determines optimal vessel fleet and installation schedule
  • Minimizes total cost and installation time
  • Considers weather conditions – wind and wave

HOWLOG – Heuristic solver for offshore wind O&M logistic resource optimization

  • Aids in selecting the best combinations of logistical resourcesd and their deployment for O&M tasks
  • Weather conditions and corrective maintenance tasks are stochastic

TeCoLog – Technical condition-based logistic planner

  • Combines decision-support system for condition monitoring with a vessel fleet optimization for O&M

Ongoing and completet projects

  • LEANWIND (2013-2017) Logistic efficiencies and naval architecture for wind installations with novel developments
  • NOWITECH (2009-2017) Norwegian Research Centre for Offshore Wind Technology
  • FAROFF (2012-2013) Far offshore operation and maintenance vessel concept development and optimization
  • INSTALLER (2018-2020) Floating installation concept for offshore wind developments
  • COSMO (2017-) Computer tool for optimization and simulation of marine operations

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