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Safe Embedded Platforms

Safe embedded platforms provide the foundation for modern safety critical systems. These platforms contain the electronic hardware and software that implement safety mechanisms needed to achieve functional safety. Furthermore, systems that require safe communication need to be implemented on safe embedded platforms.

 In electric and electronic devices and systems, functional safety is the part of the overall safety concept that primarily focuses on the electronic hardware (HW) and related software (SW), to ensure correct function in response to received commands. Usually implemented as embedded platforms, the HW and SW must adhere to domain-specific standards for functional safety to be approved for operational use. Balancing safety requirements with system specifications, HW/SW development cycles and performance criteria specific to each use-case is a challenging task in competitive markets.

At SINTEF we work in close collaboration with industrial partners that develop embedded solutions for safety critical systems. Our broad, research-based approach challenges the traditional methods in embedded development to utilize the rapidly changing technology.

Our research areas include:

  • Safe embedded design and development (HW and SW)
  • Safe HW and SW development methodology

  • Functional safety standards and related regulations

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