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Safety Courses

SINTEF's applies in its daily work as Independent Safety Assessor (ISA), Notified Body (NoBo), Assessment Body (AsBo) and Designated Body (DeBo) a number of international standards, rules and regulations.

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In depth knowledge of these standards, rules and regulations is vital not only to SINTEF as an assessment/certification body, but equally important to any company within the railway domain developing systems and products to be assessed or certified by SINTEF or another assessment/certification body: The better a company's activities and documentation are matched with the actual requirements of the applicable standards, rules and regulations, the more efficient (and less expensive!) the assessment/certification process will be.

SINTEF therefore offers training courses for a number of standards, rules and regulations to its clients. As of date, the following training courses are offered:

  • The CENELEC EN 50126, 50128 and 50129 standards: An overall view
  • CENELEC FprEN 50126-1:2017, What's new compared to EN 50126:1999
  • CENELEC FprEN 50126-2:2017, What's new compared to EN 50126:1999
  • CENELEC EN 50128:2011, What's new compared to EN 50128:2001
  • CENELEC prEN 50129:2016, What's new compared to EN 50129:2003
  • The Common Safety Method (CSM). Concept, application and its relation to the CENELEC Safety Case assessment.
  • How to write Safety Cases
  • Procedure on how to carry out certifications according to the interoperability directive 2008/57/EC.