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Designated Body (DeBo)

The overall responsibility for the Designated Body role is to have a mechanism within the context of the EU regulatory to assure that requirements which not have been standardised on the European level, but instead are of national concern are to be taken care of in a systematic and controlled manner.

Contact person

  • Narve Lyngby

    Narve Lyngby

    Research Manager Software Engineering, Safety and Security

Within the EU regulatory concerning rail traffic the DeBo role is covered in the relevant Directive (In Directive 2008/57/EC, with amendment 2014/106/EU: Article 17 (3) and Annex V, and in Directive (EU) 2016/797: Article 45 and Annex IV). The results from DeBo verification is aimed to issue DeBo EC Certificate of Verification, and therefore relevant at sub-system level.

SINTEF has been appointed as DeBo by the Norwegian Railway Authority (Statens jernbanetilsyn) for Member State Norway, with the responsibility to perform DeBo certifications according to EU regulations covering Norwegian national rules within the railway application area. Norwegian national rules are covered in the Norwegian legacy framework, specifically covered in "Samtrafikkforskriften" (in Norwegian).

SINTEF has also been appointed by the Finnish Railway Authority (TRAFI) for Member State Finland, with responsibility to perform DeBo certifications covering Finnish national rules.

SINTEF has performed DeBo certification for Norway for the ATC STM product provided by manufacturer Bombardier, and for Finland for the corresponding ATC STM product provided by manufacturer Ansaldo. A corresponding certification for the Ansaldo ATC STM for Norway is ongoing.