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X-ray instrumentation

X-ray are used in many industrial applications, ranging from conventional "radiography" imaging for non-destructive testing of light opaque materials to elemental analysis using x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy.

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X-ray instrumentation consist in modelling, designing and testing x-ray systems for inline inspection. By combining appropriate detectors, sources and optical elements adapted to x-ray energies it is possible to tailor a x-ray system to a specific application.

Our expertise in X-ray instrumentation cover the following topic:

  • Development of X-ray energy dispersive detectors in collaboration with SINTEF Minalab
  • Design and optimisation of X-ray system
  • X-ray optic
  • X-ray spectroscopy and image analysis
  • Cascade system analysis of x-ray detectors

Examples of projects our department have been involved in includes x-ray imaging for detection of pinebone in fish fillet, meat quality classification and low density foreign object detection using x-ray scattering and x-ray imaging combined with 3D imaging for recognition and sorting of electronic components in electronic waste.