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Open Transport Data

Open data is data that is freely available for everyone to use. The idea is that availability of open data will the fuel the establishment of new applications and services as well as other innovations.

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The public sector has already published open data, but the number is limited. Data delivered from systems and sensors in vehicles and infrastructures will increase the number further. However, the existing ICT solutions for the transport system are in general not designed with data sharing. Thus, it is very resource demanding to prepare available transport data and to make them open, and prioritizing is a challenge.

SINTEF do research to generate knowledge on:

  • Which transport data to delete, keep and publish?
  • What are the user expectations and related success factors and barriers when it comes to use of open transport data in applications and services?
  • How to better publish open data to maximize the usability for the users?

To establish the required knowledge, SINTEF is establishing a virtual lab offering catalogue services for discovery of open data and tools for publishing and use of open data. The services and are tested and evaluated in collaboration with users. The access to open data is supported by semantic technologies. Ontologies are used with catalogue services for discovery of relevant data and data sources and may also be used for transformations between data formats and representations. Open Linked Data for Sematic Web will also be demonstrated.


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