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Intelligence for transport

The research field of intelligent transport systems, ITS, addresses how information and communication technology can be deployed in the transport and traffic management sector.

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The deployment of ITS includes several issues including technology development, software and services deployment and the organisational ability to understand and utilise the technology. Traffic management has traditionally been associated with ITS, however, the prevalence of new mobile communication technologies opens new connecting possibilities for the traffic management functions. This includes the area of C-ITS, where communication between the infrastructure and the vehicles at any time facilitates a much more efficient and safe transport system.

The main objective of the development and deployment of ITS is to ensure safe and sustainable mobility for both passenger and freight transport, within a framework of secure information management.

One of the main challenges to address when deploying ITS is the number of various stakeholders. These stakeholders have very different business models, and the knowledge of information and communication technology varies. The technology challenges include utilisation of the big data concept, management of real time data and the internet of things.

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