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Design in Health Research

As designers and researchers in the department of Health Research , our vision is to Design for better Health and improved Quality of Life. We work with Service design, Digital design and Product design. Our aim is to develop valuable, sustainable solutions that are inclusive and innovative. We have specific domain expertise in design and innovation for public health services, the health industry, and the protective clothing industry (for health care, offshore, maritime, building and construction industries). Thanks to our involvement in a broad variety of health projects, we are very familiar with the Norwegian healthcare system and have specific domain knowledge on how innovations can be implemented in this system.

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We are specialised in:

  • Research-based Service design, Product design, Digital design and System design, from idea to implementation.
  • Development of methods and tools for Co-creation and Innovation processes.
  • Insight mapping, product and service evaluations (laboratory and field testing).
  • Change management, and process management of innovation projects.

We work human-centred, interdisciplinary, and co-creative. This means that we actively involve people in the design process and regard them as experts. By placing people at the centre, and by actively involving them in the design process, we develop solutions to real needs. Having a thorough understanding of underlying needs, is essential for realizing valuable, sustainable, and profitable services and products. We commonly use methods such as prototyping, workshops, interviews, observations, and visualization.

We cooperate with a wide range of clients in various sectors and industries. In the public sector, we work with specialist health services, municipal health services and county municipal services. Furthermore, we have clients from the healthcare industry, various garment manufactures, and industrial players within offshore and renewables.

Previously, we have worked on projects such as:

You can read more about our Design research at SINTEF and our other fields of expertise here: (link to Design Research general text)

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