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Optimization in Multimodal Transport

The Optimization Group at SINTEF Digital designs and develops optimization software for multimodal passenger and freight transport.

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Multimodal travel planning

The European Union is fostering the development of cross-border multimodal planning services by establishing a regulation framework for their coordinated and coherent deployment across Member States (under the Directive 2010/40/EU). For many years, SINTEF has developed multimodal travel planning services that allow travellers to plan their door-to-door journey by combining different transport modes such as air, rail, waterborne, public transport, demand responsive transport, private car, walking, cycling, etc. The existing software library is a result of research in the following projects:

Dynamo project
BonVoyage project
DynamITe competence project

Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) promotes mobility solutions that are consumed as a service. This is enabled by combining transportation services from independent transportation providers through a unified gateway.

SINTEF has developed an architecture of orchestration services and soloist services that realises this concept. In this architecture, a company that want to take an aggregator role (i.e., to provide a unified gateway to transportation services) will typically want to host an orchestration service while a transportation provider can expose his transport offerings either by hosting a soloist service or by sharing data with a 3rd party soloist service provider.

The concept was developed and tested for continent-wide transport in the BonVoyage project. It is currently being developed further in the DynamITe project.

Multimodal freight transport

SINTEF participates in the project Smart Districts (Smart transport i distriktene - effektiv samkjøring av vare- og persontransport). In the project we study new services and tools tailored for regional transport network. We will develop planning services that matches the need for transport with available transport offerings in a customer-oriented, dynamic, integrated and optimal way. Hence, this will lead to innovation of Mobility as a Service in the districts.

Modality specific transport

SINTEF also performs research and provides optimisation software aimed to solve modality specific challenges:

Optimization in Road-based Transportation
Optimization in Aviation
Optimization in Maritime Transportation
Optimization in Railways

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