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Air Traffic Management Architecture

SINTEF contributed to the definition of the technical content of the AIRM (Aeronautical Information Reference Model) and the implementation of the model through participation in the AIRM Change Control Board (CCB), the Information Modelling Team and Service and Support Team in SESAR 1.

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SINTEF was a contributor in definition of the technical content of the ISRM (Information Services Reference Model) and also contributor to the ISRM Foundation, with specific focus on support for application of the NAF architecture as a framework for the ISRM model, on consolidation of the service models and on verification of both the ISRM model and the ISRM Foundation. In SESAR 2020 SINTEF is playing an active role in Project 19 "Content Integration".

SINTEF participated in the development of the System Wide Information Management system (SWIM) for the ATM industry.

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