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Turbulence Forecasting – Terrain, building and wing induced

Numerical methods for terrain and building-induced wind and turbulence forecasting in complex terrain

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SINTEF in cooperation with the Norwegian Meteorological Institute has developed a microscale turbulence alert system that is now operational for 20 airports and give a real-time prediction of turbulence intensity and wind conditions. The results are made available via the website under the Briefing -> Turbulence Map section. The turbulence alert system consists of a code named SIMRA developed at SINTEF and can be coupled to any weather prediction system.

The code has also been used in an offline setting for siting and micrositing of airports and runways and optimization of building shapes close to the runway / airport to ensure minimal adverse effects on the flying conditions. Within the SESAR project the code was also coupled to a Wake Vortex Model developed at SINTEF and tested out for Paris CDG airport.

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