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Environmentally Friendly Transport

Transportation often leads to environmental disadvantages as noise, unwanted emissions to air, soil, and water, visual pollution, as well as the use of scarce resources.

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SINTEF participates in mapping the environmental consequences of various modes of transport. We also propose measures to stimulate the most environmentally friendly solutions possible, including construction, operation, and maintenance of necessary transport infrastructure.

We work within the following fields:
Our research activity includes climate-robust and environmentally friendly solutions for both passenger and freight transport

Typical projects include:

  • City logistics
  • Energy and emission modelling
  • Deployment of smart programs and project evaluations
  • Life cycle assessment of essential transportation infrastructures (i.e., construction, operation, and maintenance).

Why choose SINTEF?
SINTEF is dedicated to the development and advancement of smart and environmentally friendly transportation systems. Our goal is to establish a society in which dependence on conventional modes of private and freight transportation is replaced with environmentally sustainable alternatives.

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