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Road User Behaviour

Traffic behaviour affects the safety, efficiency, and environmental impact of the transport system.

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SINTEF conducts research on road user behaviour (i.e., how we travel, what we do, to what degree we experience safety, and which skills and properties are important to ensure safe travels). Central to this understanding is the interaction and dynamics between people, vehicles, and infrastructure.

We work within the following fields:

  • User-friendly solutions that optimize efficiency while reducing risks
  • How various steps, such as road user training, communication, and optimized inspection, influence potential hazards
  • Intelligent transport systems (ITS) – a set of solutions that introduce several new challenges (e.g. how road users interact with various types of technologies).

Why choose SINTEF?
Through our multidisciplinary teams, with in-house experts in psychology, technology, engineering, and social sciences, SINTEF takes a broad approach in how it investigates risk factors in transport systems.

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