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Webinar #1: Industry and end-users perspective

Webinar #1: Industry and end-users perspective

#1 of a series of webinars that seeks to bring together European key actors for the development of CO2 capture.

  • Objective: Identify industry needs and R&I priorities for enabling CO2 capture
  • Outcomes: Impact on major decision makers designing European CCUS strategy

A collective effort of key stakeholders is crucial to defining priorities and making sure that these are implemented in the design of the European CCUS strategy. 

Webinar #1: Industry and end-users perspective

An overview of the European context will be presented by industrial end-users and funding agencies. As participant you are invited to discuss the key issues raised.

  • Introduction to the webinar and overview of the European context – Marie Bysveen, SINTEF
  • Input from CCUS Project Network – Kristin Jordal, SINTEF
  • CO2 capture in large European CCUS projects
    • Beyond the Norwegian full-scale project - Per Brevik, NORCEM and Jørgen Thomassen, Fortum
    • Perspective from another large European CCUS project - TBD
  • CCUS relevant R&I in gas turbine technologies – Ugo Simeoni, ETN Global
  • Outlook from funding agencies - Jørild Svalestuen, Gassnova and Jan Hopman, CATO
  • Discussion

The webinar is by invitation only

Look forward to shaping our common contributions to the CO2 capture / European CCUS strategy.
Marie Bysveen, Senior Research Scientist/ Chief Market Developer, SINTEF and Director, EERA CCS

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25/11/2019 12:00
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