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Understanding food value chain and network dynamics

Understanding food value chain and network dynamics

In connection with the VALUMICS project, SINTEF Ocean invites the salmon industry stakeholders to a workshop focusing on supply chain planning, marked dynamics and risk and resilience aspects of the salmon value chain.

The aim of this workshop is to present the findings from VALUMICS to the salmon industry stakeholders and discuss solutions for better understanding of the value dynamics in order to respond to the future challenges in a robust manner.


  • 10:00 Introduction to VALUMICS and salmon case study (Maitri Thakur, SINTEF)
  • 10:15: Market dynamics and price transmission (Lars Daniel Garshol, Kontali Analyse)
  • 10:45 Price transmission and market power in the salmon value chain - Results from VALUMICS (Tinoush Jagdhani, IAMO)
  • 11:10: Group discussion (All)
  • 11:50: Lunch
  • 12:40: Governance and perceived power in the salmon value chain (Gudrun Ólafsdóttir, University of Iceland)
  • 12:55: Supply chain and logistics planning in the salmon value chain (Botholf Stolt-Nielsen, Ocean Supreme)
  • 13:15 Group discussion
  • 13:55: Coffee Break
  • 14:10: Risk and resilience assessment in the salmon supply chain (Kolbjørn Giskeødegård, Nordea)
  • 15:00: Summing up
  • 15:10: One on one consultations
Norsk Maritimt Kompetansesenter (NMK),
Borgundvegen 340, 6009 Ålesund
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