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SIG Seaweed meeting in Trondheim

SIG Seaweed meeting in Trondheim

How do we create a market for seaweed products and biomass to develop the seaweed industry?

SIG Seaweed 5 Conference was arranged in Trondheim 27-28. November 2019 and with more than 150 participants is was two great days for seaweed interested people in and outside Norway!

This conference was a collaboration with the two seaweed knowledge platforms MACROSEA and Seaweed Biorefinery Platform Norway (SBP-N), as a final meeting for the first and a first open meeting for the latter. Financial support was given by Blått Kompetansesenter, Innovate Norway and the Research Council of Norway. The focus was on the seaweed business and how new technology can impact on the development of the industry – both by creating a market pull and the enabling technologies that can make things happen.

Presentations of new knowledge and results from the latest technological development as well as from a range of companies within production and utilisation of seaweed was given and the participants used actively the two days as an opportunity to learn about the growing seaweed industry and to meet seaweed people from industry and science, funding sources and authorities, with interest, knowledge and competence along the whole value chain from seaweed farming to products and market.

Presentations are now available here:


Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel
Kjøpmannsgata 73, 7010 Trondheim
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28/11/2019 13:00
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