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ONS 2018

ONS 2018

Visit our booth 9418, hall 9, and learn about the latest cutting edge research and innovation from one of Europe's leading technology institutes, or sign up for one of our many presentations at the main conference, centre court and the technical sessions.

ONS 2018, booth 9418, hall 9
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Participation in ONS Technical Sessions

ONS Technical Sessions: Barents Sea opportunities and challenges

Tuesday 28 August, 10:00 - 12:00 Hall 10

The Norwegian Barents Sea brings opportunities for oil and gas production. But the harsh, dark and cold operational conditions require adaption of new technology and high expectations for safe and sustainable operations. In this session we focus on development concepts for the Barents Sea.

  • Arctic drilling well stability challenges - Pierre Cerasi, Senior Scientist, SINTEF
  • Harsh environment concrete FPSO- Anil Sablok, Chief Engineer, TechnipFMC
  • The advantages of ship shape hull FPSOs - Jos Leo, Business Development Director, SBM Offshore
  • Study-suitable drilling facilities Barents Sea East - Roar Sognnes, Principal Engineer, Petroleum Safety Authority
  • Lookahead technology increasing drilling safety - Neil Kelsall, Drilling Seismic Domain Champion, Schlumberger
  • Design basis for drilling, completion and long term testing of a horizontal well in Karstified formations - Geir Smaaskjær, Drilling Operations Manager, Lundin
  • Moderator: Neivan Boroujerdi, Senior Analyst, Wood Mackenzie

ONS Technical Sessions: New downhole technologies

Tuesday 28 August, 13:00 - 15:00 Hall 10

What goes on in a well can make or break your project, so real time data – and the ability to react with agility – is key

  • Photorealistic borehole imaging-while-drilling in oilbase mud – a novel high-resolution dualphysics LWD imaging tool - Mathias Horstmann, Principle Domain Petrophysicist, Schlumberger
  • A new approach to downhole sealing - Jeff Fulks, Applications Manager, BiSN Oil Tools
  • E-line tool repair damaged completion components - John Gjertsen, Manager Business Development, ALTUS Intervention
  • Case history: 'swarfless' section milling - Knut Inge Dahlberg, Global Project Manager, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
  • ElectricCasing: A concept enhancing well integrity - Malin Torsæter, Research Manager - SINTEF
  • Precision surgery for well P&A - Mohamed Cherif Benguergoura, Business Development Manager , Welltec
  • Moderator: Hans Magnus Bjørneli, Global Account Manager Equinor Drilling Ops, Schlumberger

ONS Technical Sessions: Zero-emission upstream technologies

Tuesday 28 August 13:00 - 15:00 Hall 10

How can we develop and maintain systems and technologies that can reduce operational discharges and emissions, improve management of safety barriers and minimise impacts of accidental spills?

  • Profitable hydrogen production with CCS - Torkild Reinertsen, Chairman and Owner, REINERTSEN New Energy
  • Developing an infrastructure for CO2 storage - Frode Nebell, Petroleum Architect, Equinor
  • Wind-powered CO2 and water injection at NCS - Guo Ying, Senior Business developer, IOR, CCUS, NORCE – Norwegian Research Centre
  • Large-scale decarbonised hydrogen production - David Berstad, Research Scientist, SINTEF Energy Research
  • Just catch – modular carbon capture plants - Oscar Graff, VP, Head of CCUS, Aker Solutions
  • Cross-over between offshore wind and oil & gas - Lars Henrik Hosøy, Business Development Manager, Aibel
  • Moderator: Mark Wildon, Director Project and Technology, Shell

ONS Technical Sessions: G&G: Unleashing the hydrocarbon potential – riding the digital wave

Wednesday 29 August, 10:00 - 12:00 Hall 10

Unfolding the subsurface resource potential means continuously learning from play concepts, prospects, discoveries and production. Unleashing the hydrocarbon potential. Let's take a look at the advances in effective geological data collection, processing and modelling.

  • Oceanid – unleash ocean bottom seismic - Kyrre J. Tjøm, CTO, iDrop
  • Drilling gushers not dusters with dispersion - Scott Peters, President, Apex Spectral Technology
  • Accelerating exploration and value creation on NCS, Sidsel Lindsø, Explorationist & Founder, ExploCrowd
  • TopSeis – Seeing is believing - Per Eivind Dhelie, Senior Geophysicist, Lundin
  • Near-field, value-driven exploration: partnering for success - Steinar Sørensen, Exploration Manager, LOTOS
  • True triaxial test system for improving drilling - Lars Erik Walle, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF
  • Sealing the open annulus by creeping shale - Erling Fjær, Chief Scientist, SINTEF
  • Moderator: Dr. Astri J.S. Kvassnes, CEO, ReStone

ONS Technical Sessions: Extension of field life

Wednesday 29 August, 10:00 - 12:00 Hall 10

An increasing number of installations in the North Sea are reaching the end of their design life. Technology developments and systematic maintenance have allowed these installations to extend production beyond this barrier. How can we maintain safe and cost-effective operations of assets installed many years before today's technology and regulations were developed?

  • Opportunities & challenges in Balder life extension - Trond Morten Thomassen, Integrity and Modification Project Supervisor, Point Resources
  • Digitalized mooring system integrity management - Vegard Aksnes, Research Manager, SINTEF Ocean
  • Wood structural corrosion initiative - Karoline Neumann, Industrial PhD student, Wood
  • Automated IMR operations for risers and flowlines - Torgeir Bræin, Technical Manager, Kongsberg Ferrotech
  • Effect of supervisory activity on the risk level - Ole Jørgen Melleby, Head of HSE management section, Petroleum Safety Authority
  • The uninspectable in the life extension of subsea - Matthew Tremblay, VP, Global Offshore Markets, ABS
  • Moderator: Astrid Huglen, VP Business Services, Point Resources

ONS Technical Sessions: Plug & abandonment

Wednesday 29 August 13:00 - 15:00 Hall 10

In the North Sea more than 100 installations/parts of installations are forecast for removal in the next decade, at a cost of more than NOK 170 billion. P&A is an important part of any decommissioning scheme. This session will present optimised P&A techniques and methods, as well as alternative documentation and verification methods of well barriers.

  • Cost efficient decommissioning solutions - Inge Bjørkevoll, Project Manager, Point Resources
  • Game changing technology for faster decommissioning - Craig Martin, Business Development Manager, Romar International
  • A new twist on rigless well abandonment - Paul Carragher, CEO, BiSN Oil Tools
  • Efficient P&A and slot recovery - Thore Andre Stokkeland, Global Product Line Manager P&A, Archer
  • A novel in-well testing of temporary barriers - Arild Stein, Senior Technical Advisor, Interwell
  • Enable rig less abandonment (tubing left in hole) - Henning Hansen, R&D Manager, Aarbakke Innovation
  • Moderator: Dr. Malin Torsæter, Research Director, SINTEF

ONS Technical Sessions: Ocean Space: aqua culture – an introduction

Thursday 30 August, 10:00 - 11:30 Hall 10

How much common ground is there between offshore and aqua culture? How can technology and personnel from the offshore industry be transferred to aqua culture, and how large is the potential market?

  • Technology development and impact across the ocean space - Vegard Øgård Aksnes, Research Manager, SINTEF Ocean
  • The Norwegian aquaculture analysis - Eirik Moe, Managing Partner/Marine Industries, EY
  • Human Capital between aquaculture and oil & gas - Fredd Jarle Wilsgård, Managing Director, Norway Royal Salmon Seafood
  • Digitalisation of ocean farms - Terje Nilsen, Manager Disruptive Technologies, Kongsberg Maritime
  • Moderator: Signe A. Sønvisen, Associate Professor, Norwegian College of Fishery Science, UiT