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NCCS Webinar - Legal Research in NCCS

NCCS Webinar - Legal Research in NCCS

During this webinar, two questions related to CCS legislation will be addressed, based on current legal research undertaken in NCCS (Task 1) at the University of Oslo:

  • Liability regulation of CCS storages sites in Norway (Victor Weber)
  • Regulating the re-use and re-purposing of oil and gas installations for CCS in the context of decommissioning (Catherine Banet)

Weber will discuss some of the forms of liability that may arise during and after the operation of a CO2 storage site. Along with the Norwegian regulation, the European framework will be examined and how the former complies with the latter. Finally, an outlook will be provided on the legal solutions in other jurisdictions.

Banet will discuss the re-use and repurposing of oil and gas installations in the context of decommissioning, including for CCS purposes. The presentation will review the place given to re-use in decommissioning legislation, the central considerations when deciding on re-use or re-purposing; and what should be the central terms of a re-use decision, including for liability transfer between old and new owners. It will put this regime into perspective with the ongoing energy system integration and discuss ways to create incentives and synergies within the decommissioning regime.


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