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NCCS Webinar - Cost-optimal conditions for transport of CO2 via ship (Task 1)

NCCS Webinar - Cost-optimal conditions for transport of CO2 via ship (Task 1)

Presenter: Simon Roussanaly, Research Scientist, SINTEF

While pipeline transport has traditionally been treated as the best option for CO2 transport, interest in ship-based transport of CO2 has been strongly rising in Europe and Asia. However, a key question that have been lingering around CO2 transport via ship is the optimal transport conditions. While the range pressure beyond 20 bar has been identified as not cost-efficient, no study had satisfactorily concluded on the actual optimal transport condition.

Over the past two years, NCCS Task 1 has focused on understanding which of the low pressure or the medium pressure options would be more cost-efficient. The result of this work will be presented together with discussions on the impact of underlying cost uncertainties, the presence of impurities after capture, purity constraint, and other aspects on the comparison of these two options.


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