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CINELDI conference 2020

CINELDI conference 2020

Future Electricity Distribution Grid R&D

Britannia Hotel
21/04/2020 09:00 Add to calendar
21/04/2020 16:00

Electrification is an important step towards a low-carbon future. The electrification of the transport and industry sectors, together with the society's increasing dependence on electricity rises new challenges for the power grids, which must be able to accommodate the new loads in a cost-efficient way, without jeopardizing security of supply. 

CINELDIs main goal is to enable a cost-efficient realization of the future flexible and robust electricity distribution grid, by providing research-based knowledge about new technologies and solutions, and by demonstrating examples of best practices through pilots and demos. 

The topic for the CINELDI conference in 2020 will be: 
How can the distribution grid be adapted to facilitate a large-scale electrification of the society?